What is the right size for a drum washing machine?

Drum washing machine is a common laundry equipment in modern families, its washing effect is good, easy to use, so it has become the choice of many families, but in the selection of drum washing machine, its size has become a place where many people are entangled, don’t know what size is appropriate to choose.

First, what is the size of the drum washing machine?

Because the drum washing machine it has a variety of capacities, so the size dimensions are different. If you choose a capacity between 2 kg and 4.5 kg, its dimensions are 60 x 55 x 60 cm. If the capacity is slightly larger, between 5 kg and 7 kg, the dimensions are 84 x 60 x 60 cm. If the capacity reaches between 7 kg and 8 kg, the dimensions of this tumble dryer are approximately 85 x 60 x 60 cm. The main difference that can be seen through these figures really lies in the fact that their length changes, basically the width and depth do not change much.

If only one person lives alone or two people use it, a 5 kg drum washing machine will do. The average family of three, you can choose 5-7 kg is more appropriate, try to choose a larger capacity, in the wash duvet cover, bed sheets, and fall and winter thick clothes clothes more easily. If it is a family of four or more people living together, you can choose 7-8 kilograms or more drum washing machine.

Second, what is the right size for a drum washing machine?

The size of a drum washing machine is an important factor to consider when buying one. Different families will have different needs, so the size of the washing machine will vary from person to person. Generally, domestic drum washing machines have a capacity of between 5kg and 12kg. The size of the washing machine also depends on the brand and model chosen. In addition, choosing a washing machine of the right size and capacity can save on water and electricity bills. The main aspects we can consider in choosing the size of a drum washing machine are as follows:

1. Size and capacity of home tumble dryer washing machine.

Normally, the capacity of a home drum washing machine ranges from 5 kilograms to 12 kilograms. However, most people find around 8-9 kilograms to be ideal. For single or small families, choosing a washing machine with a capacity of 5 kg to 7 kg will meet their needs. For medium and large families, a washing machine with a capacity of 8 kg to 10 kg is perfect.

When choosing the capacity of a drum washing machine, it is also important to consider the type and amount of clothing of the family members. The size of the washing machine depends not only on the capacity, but also on the discharge system and installation. Measuring the space in the laundry room is essential before making a purchase to ensure that the chosen washing machine will fit into the space. The typical size of a washing machine is 85-105 centimeters high, 55-75 centimeters wide and 50-70 centimeters deep.

2. The model of the home tumble dryer washing machine.

There are many models of home washing machine which can be selected in different modes such as vertical, horizontal, tumbler and so on. Depending on the model and size chosen, the appearance and features of the selected washing machine will also vary depending on the brand, model and price. You should also consider whether the washing machine has features such as sanitizing, water saving, energy saving and timer.

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