Washing Machine Care and Maintenance Tips Full Guide

A woman using a washing machine to clean her clothes

Inside the washing machine looks very clean at first glance, but you may not realize that there is a sleeve outside the washing drum, and the washing water flows back and forth in the middle of these two compartments. If you pull the sleeve out, you can see the dirt in the sandwich is very serious, especially water-saving side door washing machine, because the entire washing process only 65 to 75 kilograms of water and can be heated, so the pollution is more serious than the top door. These dirt by the tap water scale, washing powder free substances, clothing cellulose, the human body’s organic matter and clothing into the dust and bacteria composed of solidly attached to the washing machine in the sandwich, breeding at room temperature, fermentation, laundry will be a serious secondary pollution of clothing and will endanger human health. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the washing machine every 3 months.

Part1: Cleaning skills, washing machine cleaning methods to know

In winter, the temperature is lowered, hand washing clothes become difficult, and therefore the washing machine has taken more laundry tasks. Washing machine to us in the clean clothes, we should also care about the cleanliness of the washing machine itself. After working for a long time, the washing machine will also become dirty and will harbor various bacteria, which will be transferred to people if they are not cleaned in time and stained on the clothes. So how should we clean the washing machine?

1. The need for washing machine cleaning

The most common problem with washing machines used for a long time in winter is the growth of bacteria. Relevant data show that more than 80% of washing machines have excessive bacteria. In the washing machine tank there is a large number of germs such as crimson yeast, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Cryptococcus nail and so on, if not often cleaned will cause pollution to the laundry.

So what exactly are the health hazards that this filth can bring to our lives? According to some medical authorities issued a report on the problem of mold breeding inside the washing machine, in the use of more than six months of the washing machine, 60.2% of the washing machine machine can be detected mold. Mold is easy to cause mycotic vaginal inflammation and other gynecological diseases, but also cause ringworm, ringworm and other skin diseases; and for their own resistance to the weaker elderly, infants, pregnant women and other people, pay more attention to the internal cleaning of the washing machine, so as not to be attacked by germs.

2. Washing machine cleaning steps

1. now there are a lot of washing machine stain removing detergent on the market, cleaning washing machine can buy the right one, at the same time, it is recommended to buy a bottle of disinfectant, mixed with the detergent to clean the washing machine. First, mix the washing machine stain remover detergent according to the proportion on the manual, and add a bottle of disinfectant, mix the detergent.

2. Place the washing machine drain hose on an empty bucket, be careful not to be too high and hinder the washing machine drainage.

3. The washing machine will be filled with a certain amount of water after (note that the idling washing machine is not good for the life of the washing machine, so it is best to add a certain amount of water.) The added water is about 2 liters or so.

4. Open the washing machine, import fresh water, fill the detergent into the detergent additive box, set the longest washing program. The time is determined according to the stains of the washing machine. Open the washing machine, wait for the descaling liquid from the drain to the bucket, and then add the discharged descaling liquid from the detergent additive box, and so on for many times, until the program runs out, open the filter to clean the filter.

5. After completing the cleaning can be cleaned with water, scrub the inside of the body with a rag, followed by water to let the washing machine run automatically to wash again.

3. Washing machine cleaning interval

How do you know if your washing machine needs to be cleaned? In fact, the general washing machine within a year will not have too many cleaning problems, but if often wash dirty things or very likely to clean within a year. If you find that the washing machine water becomes muddy, rinsing is not clean, there is a strange smell of black slag phenomenon then that means that the washing machine needs to be cleaned, the general household washing machine every 2 – 3 months for a cleaning. In addition, after each use of the washing machine, pay attention to timely cleaning filter.

Part2: Avoid misunderstanding winter washing machine use precautions

Winter clothing, heavy weight, the use of the washing machine should be by for attention, to prevent improper use caused by washing machine failure.

1. Water pressure and voltage requirements for washing machines

The washing machine has certain requirements for the water pressure and voltage of the user’s residence. The control center of the washing machine is the computer board, and the best working condition of the computer board is when the voltage is between 180V-230V. When using the washing machine, the water pressure should not be too low, because the water pressure is too low, the slow flow of water will affect the service life of the water inlet valve and the motor. Therefore, it is recommended that users of high-rise residential buildings should try to avoid using the washing machine during the peak water consumption period.

Remove coins and sundries from pockets before washing. Clothes with metal buttons should be buttoned up and the clothes should be turned over so that the metal buttons are not exposed to prevent metal and other hard objects from damaging the washing drum and wheel during the washing process.

2. Winter washing machine can not be “overweight”.

Most washing machines are labeled with the maximum weight of a single wash, if overweight, not only the washing effect is poor, but also easy to damage the motor and clutch, and even make the washing machine “life”. Especially in winter clothes are heavy, so you can’t use the washing machine according to the number of clothes washed in summer.

3. Washing machine use to avoid high temperature

Washing machine washing water temperature should not be too high, generally 40 ℃ is appropriate, the highest should not exceed 60 ℃ (except for drum high temperature disinfection washing machine), so as not to scald the washing drum or cause plastic aging, deformation.

4. Attention to clean the washing machine after use

At the end of each laundry, to take out the clothes in a timely manner; to drain the sewage, wash the washing machine drum with water; dry with a dry cloth inside and outside the washing machine droplets and water; will operate the knobs on the board, the keys to restore the original position; drain switch instructions in the off position, and then placed in a dry ventilated place.

Part3: Cold Weather Washing machine anti-freezing as well as freezing treatment.

In winter, the temperature is below zero in many places. In the cold winter, the washing machine may suffer from frozen water inlet pipe, causing the washing machine can not enter the water and other problems, thus affecting the use of the washing machine. How can you prevent your washing machine from freezing in winter? What are some good ways to freeze? Take a look at some of the tips below.

1. Winter washing machine anti-freezing method

1. Place the washing machine in a place with higher temperature

To prevent the washing machine from freezing, the easiest way is to place the washing machine in a place that is not susceptible to freezing, i.e., to prevent it from freezing in a place where the temperature is at zero degrees.

2. Drain residual water from the drain pump and water inlet hose.

If the washing machine is placed in a location that is more susceptible to freezing, in order to prevent the washing machine from freezing, after each use, be sure to drain the drain pump and the residual water in the water inlet pipe.

2. Winter washing machine freezing treatment

1. Unplug the washing machine

After the washing machine is frozen, the first thing to do is to unplug the power supply of the washing machine to avoid the danger of electric shock when dealing with the frozen washing machine.

2. Slow thawing: Place the washing machine in a warmer place.

For example, put it on the balcony or a warmer, more light place. If you are not in a hurry, you can leave it for a longer period of time and wait for the ice inside to melt naturally. This method generally does not cause damage to the components.

3. Quick defrosting: pour boiling water to melt the ice

First of all, close the water valve, and then pour boiling water into the frozen place, so that the ice is quickly melted. This method is simple, but must pay attention to, pour boiling water must be careful, to avoid a large amount of boiling water lead to the box due to rapid expansion and rupture. When the water cools down to go, open the departure valve, the cold water out. If the ice is not completely melted, close the valve again and pour in a certain amount of boiling water until all the ice is melted. To be all the ice melted, open the washing machine power supply, test the washing machine can start normally, if it can not start, can only let the professional maintenance personnel to repair.

Part4: Maintenance tips, washing machine rust prevention as well as rust treatment.

Some metal shell of the washing machine in use for a period of time, the surface of the rusty situation, seriously affecting the aesthetic, and even bring some safety hazards. Rust itself is a chemical reaction, moisture is the main reason for rust. Some families tend to put the washing machine in a damp and dark environment, and even put the washing machine next to the shower. Such a situation will definitely lead to the occurrence of rust, and the rust will often start spreading from the bottom.

1. Washing machine anti-rust measures

1. Drain water when out of use

The washing machine is out of use for a long time, to exclude the water. Long-term storage of the washing machine should be covered with plastic film or cloth cover, to avoid the erosion of dust, to keep the washing machine bright and clean.

2. Placement

Should be placed in a dry, non-corrosive gases, no strong acid, strong alkali erosion of the place, so as to avoid metal parts rust, electrical components to reduce the insulation properties. If you have to put in a humid environment, you need to add brackets to the bottom of the washing machine to reduce the damage to the bottom of the washing machine.

3. Oil injection to prevent rust

For washing machines without oil injection holes in the wheel shaft, the washing machine should be injected with oil once to prevent rust and corrosion.

4. Running the washer regularly to prevent rust

Every 2 or 3 months to start the test run to prevent parts rust, motor winding moisture. Energized is also a means of drying the winding, which can avoid the failure caused by too much time out of service.

2. Treatment of washing machine after rusting

After the washing machine rust, you can try to use sandpaper or cloth with a little acidic stuff to remove the rust. And then go to buy some anti-rust paint or stick on a sealing adhesion are better personalized small decals. If the washer is under warranty, you can ask the business to help you remove the rust or replace it for free.

How to tell if your washer is contaminated?

How to tell if your automatic washing machine needs to be cleaned? Generally speaking, the cleaning problem is not very serious within the first year of using the automatic washing machine. If you occasionally find that your washer has muddy water, doesn’t rinse cleanly, or even backfires, floods with black scum, or the washer’s small cloth bag is covered with black fiber shavings, it means that the washer needs to be cleaned.

Know where the dirt is?

The inside of the washing machine looks very clean, but the outside of the washing drum there is also an outer sleeve, laundry water in the middle of the two layers in and out, the washing machine sandwich is like a “sewer”, the dirt is mainly composed of limescale, detergent free substances, fibers, organic substances. These hodgepodge solidly attached to the washing machine sandwich, breeding at room temperature, fermentation, laundry will contaminate the clothing, so that people wear itchy skin allergies.

The method of removing stubborn dirt inside the washing machine

1. Prepare the descaling agent and water l to 2 ratio when cleaning, stir well (descaling agent is available in the market), then pour the mixed descaling agent solution from the detergent additive box, pay attention not to let the descaling agent splash on the skin.

2. Press the power switch of the washing machine, set the program to the laundry program, select the longest time, make the washing drum rotate, wait for the descaling solution to be discharged from the drain, and then add the discharged descaling solution from the detergent additive box, and so on for many times until the program is finished, and then open the filter to clean the filter.

3. Open the water inlet valve, add water without descaling liquid, re-select the laundry program running, until the program is complete, clean the filter again, descaling cleanup is complete. Experts remind: washing machine drum due to the role of descaling liquid, the surface will be slightly dark black color, but will not affect the normal use, wash a few clothes can be restored to its original state.

3. Washing machine door cleaning

1. The washing machine should be cleaned with a special washing machine cleaner after six months of use and every three months thereafter.

2. Take down the washing machine drain hose and put it on an empty bucket (to a certain height), close the water inlet valve and front door.

3. Pour 3 kettles of water with descaling agent (available in the market) into an empty container, and prepare and mix it well in the ratio of descaling agent/water = l/2.

4. Open the “detergent dispenser box” and pour the mixed descaler solution from the detergent dispenser box, taking care not to splash on your skin.

5. Press the power switch of the washing machine, set the program to “Laundry Program” (the longest time selection), make the washing drum rotate; wait until the descaling solution is discharged from the drain pipe to the barrel, and then add the discharged descaling solution from the detergent additive box, and so on for many times until the program is finished, open the filter to clean the filter.

6. After the machine has finished running, open the water inlet valve and return the drain hose to its original position. Re-select the laundry program, so that the washing machine is running again, until the program is running out, clean the filter again. At this point, descaling cleaning is complete.

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